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The case of Khadija “Tattoo girl” .. “Ezz Zein” present on her body absent in fact! – Video

Since Khadija, the daughter of the Vallad Ayad region of the city of al-Faqih ibn Salih, has been reeling, the name “Ezz al-Zein” has been repeated for more than once after his full name appears tattooed on her neck.

The minor child identified the names of all 11 suspects in her rape and abduction case, who are currently in prison, while she did not identify or remember “Izz al-Din”, whose full name was written in French on her neck.

“Today 24” During his visit to Khadija’s house, he asked her about the identity of the person, but she refused to talk or reveal details. In return, she called Radwan, Hamza and other detainees.

Strangely enough, according to what the site saw, it is a second tattoo of the name “Ezz El Zein” on her right hand, tattooed “A” beside him and a heart tattoo on the same hand.

Besides tattooing the name twice in the flesh, with the first letter, “A” was written by black dye in the middle of her house.

It should be noted that human trafficking, rape, attempted murder and the failure to assist a person in danger have been charged.

The accused, aged between 18 and 28, were referred to an investigating judge in case of arrest.

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