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The comprehensive guide to profit from affiliate marketing :

 Profiting from the Internet is a goal of many, and I think you are one of them because you are reading these lines now. Since you have chosen the CPA for profit, I believe you are on the right track. The field of affiliate marketing (CPA) is one of the areas that the marketer’s team relies on to profit from the Internet, very good amounts, and it is not difficult at all to be like us. In this complete guide to profit from affiliate marketing (CPA) you will find everything you need to start earning your first thousand dollars from the Internet, and start achieving your goals in this life. In this guide you will learn about:

  • A simple explanation of CPA and all you need to know in terms and information
  • Most Important Affiliate Network – CPA Affiliate Networks
  • How to choose a niche or a profitable field
  • How to start earning from CPA step by step
  • Important tips to make you win in the fastest time and surpass your competitors

And this is not all. For every information in this guide, you will find practical examples and demos on it so that the idea reaches you very easily and quickly.
This is why I advise you to bring your delicious hot drink ☕️now, then start reading, and I also advise you to read the full guide, you will find it interesting and simple, God willing.

What is CPA Affiliate Marketing?

CPA Marketing is an acronym for Cost Per Action, and it is one of the forms of affiliate marketing in which the marketer gets a commission when the client performs a certain order. Such as conducting a survey, registering some data, or purchasing a product.
Suppose, for example, that you own an application, and you want to market it so that the largest number of people use it to generate profits, so you may resort to ads or post content on your site or on YouTube in order to promote this application.
Or, you may resort to professional marketers, and when any marketer succeeds in bringing anyone who downloads your application, you give him a fee, or commission.
This is in short, affiliate marketing, and because of the large number of companies that want to promote their services and offers, and also the large number of marketers, so-called affiliate networks have appeared, which we will learn about later.

Affiliate offers (CPA) examples

Here are some examples of the different affiliate offers in several areas.

This offer aims to make customers download this application (for reviewing and collecting invoices in one place) and you will get 0.49 dollars for each download, which is for American traffic.
And if you thought that the offers only exist for foreign traffic, then you are wrong.
This offer is directed to Saudi traffic, and the goal is to make the visitor register for this service by phone number, and for every registration you get $ 1.35.
I think the idea of ​​CPA Marketing is now clear to you.

Why is everyone seeking to profit from CPA?

There are several reasons why companies rely on this method of marketing, and also make many marketers rely on this method to make thousands of dollars.

1- Ease of getting started in the CPA field 

Unlike other areas of profit from the Internet, you can start in the CPA field with the least possible means as a marketer, and sometimes you can even start without a site or anything like that.
And don’t worry! I’ll tell you later how to start, step by step.

2- Realizing the benefit for all parties 

It turns out in our definition of CPA Marketing that it consists of the following elements:

  • Marketer
  • Presenting company
  • An affiliate network that organizes the relationship between the company and the marketer

And that the marketer and the affiliate network do not get any compensation except when the customer implements what the displaying company wants, and this makes all parties win simultaneously.
That is why you find that affiliate networks help marketers with all capabilities in order to achieve results, as well as companies provide all the information – in most cases – because each party depends on the other.

3- High commission rate 

Because of the strength of this method of promotion, many companies allocate most of their CPA marketing budget, which makes marketers get very good commissions.
And you’ll find that sometimes companies offer very high commissions to professional marketers who achieve strong results.

4- Ease and variety of CPA offers 

You can promote CPA offers in more than one way, whether through free or paid traffic, which I will explain to you in detail later … Don’t worry?
CPA offers are many and varied, which makes it very easy for anyone, especially beginners, to choose the field that suits him, or experiment until he finds this field or niche.
There are other reasons why profiting from CPA Affiliate Marketing is a major choice for many people, but I think the picture is clear to you now.

The most important CPA terms you should be aware of 

There are some terms that if you learn them first, the CPA field will be easier for you.

1- Conversion rate 

The ratio is the total number of traffic you bring to the display page and the number of people who perform the presentation.
For example, if you bring 100 people to the offer page, and only 10 people implement the offer, the conversion rate will be 10%.

2- field (Vertical) 

 The field that the show is interested in (health – beauty – games) and others, as it is also called Niche.
 Some experts in marketing prefer to work in a specific field in order to become a specialist in it, and others advise that you try more than one field, especially if you are a beginner.

3- Profit by Bringing in Clients (CPL) 

 The term (CPL – Cost Per Lead) is used when promoting offers in which the customer is asked to record some data, such as phone number, address, or email, such as the last example I referred to previously.
 This term is used only to distinguish between the different offers, and usually these offers are easier to promote.

4- Affiliate Link 

 When you want to promote a specific offer from the affiliate network, you get what is called an affiliate link, which is a distinctive link that enables the affiliate network to track any marketer promoting the same offer, until the profits are distributed correctly.

5- Profit per Click (EPC) 

The word (EPC – Earnings Per Click) is the average profit that any marketer gets for every click on the Affiliate Link.
EPC affiliate networks are used to evaluate various offers, for example if there are 100 marketers promoting the same offer, what is the average profit that one gets per click.
It’s simple, the total profits earned by the marketers (100 in this case) are calculated and then divided by the total number of traffic those marketers brought in.
The higher this number, the more it indicates that the offer is more profitable … Do not worry. I will explain to you in detail later, how do you choose the best offers to promote?

6- Publisher

The publisher is the marketer who promotes the show, some affiliate networks call him this name, and I liked to mention it to you so that you will not be confused when you find it on any affiliate network.

7- Affiliate Manager 

The affiliate manager is the person assigned by the affiliate network to help marketers in their work, and the more you are a good marketer and make good profits, the more interested the affiliate manager will be.
Try or strengthen your relationship with the affiliate manager, because he will help you in the future, as he can give you exclusive offers for you to promote only, and he can also help you increase the profit from a specific offer that you promote, especially if you are bringing in good profits.
It can also help you get your profits at a fast rate (sometimes on a daily basis), especially after you achieve good results.

8- Bridge Pages

One of the best ways to promote affiliate offers is not to send your traffic directly to the pages of the offers that you promote, but you have to configure it with this traffic first.
Here, the term (Bridge Pages) appeared, which marketers use to try to convince traffic of the strength of the offer, and in some cases obtain their emails to be used in promoting other offers.
Sometimes these pages are called (Pre – Landers), and later I will provide you with a great and effective way to take advantage of these pages.

The most important CPA networks

There are a lot of networks on which you can find many offers in almost every industry, but as with any industry, there are some weak ones.
Also, each network has some characteristics, there are networks that operate in certain countries, and also there are networks that operate in specific areas, in addition to the payment terms and methods provided by each network.
 Even easier for you, here are the best affiliate networks and some information you need to know about each network.

1- Maxbounty Network

Offers: Contains a variety of offers in almost all fieldsCountries: Offers are available worldwide The minimum for receiving profits: $ 50 The rate of receiving profits: The first profits after 15 days, and after that a week Ways to receive profits: Paypal – Payoneer Difficulty of applying: Medium Site: maxbounty.com It 
is considered a lot Professional marketers that the Maxbounty network is the best in the world in the field of CPA due to the strength and profitability of offers, and also because of the professional interaction between affiliate managers and various marketers.
If you want to work in this field professionally, you must have an account in this most excellent network.

2- The Peerfly Network

Offers: Contains a variety of offers in almost all fieldsCountries: Offers are available worldwide The minimum for receiving profits: $ 50 The rate of receiving profits: every month, two weeks or a week, depending on the marketer and his experience Ways to receive profits: Paypal – Payoneer Difficulty of applying: Medium Site: peerfly.com  
thinks Many novice marketers say that applying to this network is difficult, but the truth is that you just need a website or YouTube channel to apply.
Also, you should write in the application some ideas on how to promote your offers, because these applications are reviewed manually, because the Peerfly network is keen to deal with the best marketers.
 At the moment Peerfly has closed its doors for certain reasons, in case it is not returned after the year 2020 we will remove it from this list!

3- CPALead Network 

Offers: Contains a variety of offers in almost all fieldsCountries: Offers are available all over the worldMinimum receive of profits: $ 50Rate of receiving profits: every week Ways to receive profits: Paypal – Payoneer Difficulty applying: Very easy Site: CPALead.com 
This is the best affiliate network suitable for beginners, where New accounts are approved very quickly, and the network also provides the ability to promote through  Content Locker.
Content Locker merchandising is a great option for beginners, as it helps you bypass the many hurdles and conditions of various offers.
Rest assured? Later, I will explain to you everything you need to know about this method of promotion and how to use it to quickly reach your first profits … Continue reading?
These were the best affiliate networks in which you will find many profitable niches, and as I mentioned earlier there are many other networks such as:

  • Clickbooth  Network 
  • CPAgrip Network  
  • W4 network  
  • CPA Trend Network  

But I was keen to show you the best in terms of the strength of the offers and the ease of presentation, as well as our experience on the marketer site with various of these networks.

Top areas you can work in (CPA Niches) 

Later, I will explain to you how to get started in the CPA field and how to do presentation promotion, but I want to highlight the niches first.
Affiliate marketing includes many areas, most companies that work in these areas rely on CPA to promote their services.

The most popular field of CPA 

  • Gaming
  • Mobile applications
  • Health (Weight loss – Fitness)
  • Finance services – Insurance
  • Software
  • B2B services
  • Dating
  • Gambling

Most of these companies depend on content makers and various marketers to promote their services and offers to obtain potential customers (Leads) or directly sell their services or products.
But as you can see, there are some areas that do not suit us Muslims and Arabs, such as gambling offers and dating … We will talk later in detail about this matter.
If you ask how to choose the profitable or suitable niche for you, you will find it in the next point?

How to start a CPA career? 

Before you start working in the CPA field, you should know that there are two methods of work, and you may have to choose one of them … Let’s get to know them more.

The first method: owning a content platform (website – YouTube channel – Instagram account) 

Here CPA Affiliate Marketing may not be your main source of profit, but you depend on it to increase your profits, let me give you an example.
For example, suppose you have a gaming site, which you profit from through  Adsense , you can promote CPA offers for games and increase your profits.
Or you can build a new website or YouTube channel in the gaming field and use it to promote different affiliate offers, and you can focus on CPA only in profit if you want to master this method.
Characteristics of the first method:

  • Transferring traffic is somewhat easy because there is a relationship between you and your audience
  • You can use more than one method in marketing (Facebook Messenger – Email Marketing) and others
  • This method requires a lot of time and effort (making articles – videos)
  • You can promote more than one show in the same niche at a time, or perhaps in areas that might interest your audience
  • You can exploit the same audience in the future
  • You can increase your profits by building special landing pages (Pre-landers) to increase your conversion rate and test different offers

The second method: direct promotion 

This method depends on many marketers, you are promoting the offer directly, you may send the traffic to the offer page directly through your link.
Or you build simple Pre-Landers to configure the traffic first and then send it to the demo page.
Characteristics of the second method:

  • To achieve good results, you must rely on paid traffic
  • Achieving results does not take much time
  • You may need capital to start earning well
  • The possibility of promoting various offers in various fields
  • This method enables you to collect a lot of data on the best traffic sources, offers and promotion methods

As you have seen, each method has advantages and disadvantages, and if you ask what marketers usually do, they often rely on the second method.
But what if I told you that you can combine the two styles together, so that you get most of the advantages and avoid the defects at the same time … This is what you will learn about later.
But I think that you still have some questions, about how to choose the niche and offers, and also how to bring in traffic … You will find the answer in detail in the following item?

How to Profit from CPA Affiliate Marketing Step by Step 

In order for the picture to become clearer to you … Here is what you must do, step-by-step, in order to earn money from Affiliate Marketing (CPA).

1- Choose your niche (how do customers think?)

Before I tell you how to choose the right CPA niche, you might ask yourself now how is the conversion going? 
In other words, what will make your visitors click on your link and complete the offer? … until you get your commission. The answer is to provide interest.
See, for example, the following offers:

  • Get Lead to try Program X for two weeks for free
  • Purchase the Y app
  • Obtaining phone numbers for those interested in getting insurance for their car (Lead)

See how I’m going to promote these offers:

  • I will make a landing page that talks about the problems that normalization of X solves and put a link to try the demo
  • I will make a landing page explaining the advantages of the Y application, and perhaps add some evidence or information that the interested person may need, which he will obtain if he purchases the application from my link
  • A video explaining the problems faced by those who do not insure their car, and how they can solve their problem and find out the insurance package that suits them via a phone call … Put the link of the offer.

If you look closely, you will notice the following:

  • The first show is the easiest to promote
  • The second symptom is perhaps the most difficult in terms of conversions
  • The third show will take the most effort

So while you are thinking about choosing which niche, first think about the value you will add, and how you will convince customers according to your capabilities, interests, and your budget.
And if you think that the matter is difficult, then you are wrong … It is easier than you think … With time, you will learn everything you will need … Also, if you continue reading, you will find me easier for you until you start.
Now let me give you the best CPA niche according to our experience on the marketer site:

  1. Games niche  : a simple niche and its audience is very eager to try everything new, and creating content or landing pages is somewhat easy
  2. CPL Offers:  Any niche in which you can find many CPL offers is a great niche, because the conversion rate is very high, and you can promote it in more than one way.
  1. Health and slimming  nits : one of the most profitable niches because people are eager to solve their physical and health problems in the easiest and fastest way.

Remember that choosing the niche also depends on the method that you depend on in the promotion that we talked about earlier … And if you are confused or think that it is exhausting … As I told you, it is very simple, just continue reading until the picture becomes clearer to you more.

2- Register for one of the affiliate networks 

The second step is to find where you are looking for the best affiliate offers so that you have the picture complete, and you decide to choose a specific niche.
We have previously explained the best affiliate networks and what distinguishes each of them … I advise you to start with CPALead.

3- Find the right offers for you

Choosing the offers that suit you is a very important stage for profit from affiliate marketing (CPA), so if you choose the wrong offer, your effort or your money may be wasted.
Also, each offer has certain conditions and characteristics such as:

  • Country (some offers are country specific)
  • Traffic type (some offers do not prefer traffic from Facebook, for example)
  • The EPC value of the supply

As you can see that the process of choosing the presentation needs an analysis of many factors, and for this we have devoted a guide to it, which I advise you to read later after you finish these lines.
Read:  How to choose the best CPA deals to get the most profit

4- Start importing traffic 

The fourth step is to start bringing in traffic, this step is the most difficult in the eyes of many, and they may be right, because the quality of traffic determines the size of the profits that will be obtained.
The most important thing you have to keep in mind is will you send the traffic directly to the display page or as we say (Cold Traffic) or will you configure it first so that it becomes (Warm Traffic)?
Because traffic is a very important point, you will find me talking about it in a separate point later.

5- Analyze the results to improve your conversion rate 

This is the most important step in CPA marketing for affiliate offers, because when you look at the data that you gathered from your marketing campaigns, such as:

  • Traffic quality 
  • Quality of offers
  • Modifying the landing pages
  • Edit content

You can determine what will achieve the most profits, and for this professional marketers rely on doing a test to do something (A / B testing) in order to find the best options that achieve the highest profits for them.
This is what we do on the marketer site, and what I will tell you about later!

How to get CPA Traffic? 

There are two types of traffic, free traffic and paid traffic … and we will talk about them in detail.

Free Traffic 

Traffic will not cost you a cent, like traffic from the following sources:

  • Google search engine
  • YouTube Traffic
  • Social media traffic (Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest)

The difficulty with this traffic is that it requires effort and time to obtain it, and you must also be smart and know how to make it trust the offers that you nominate for it.
Also, each of these sources has a specific style of dealing, and in order to get the most out of this traffic, I advise you to read the following guides.

  • Top 8 Resources to Get Free Traffic for Affiliate Deals
  • The Complete Guide to Raising Search Results: SEO 2020 

In every guide we publish you’ll find simple and very effective ways to get free traffic to profit from CPA Offers.

Paid Traffic

This is the best source of traffic in the opinion of CPA Affiliate Marketing experts, and we as a marketer from our personal experience support that.
The most important sources of paid traffic for CPA offers are:

  • Annoying ads  : such as ads that appear before you watch any movie or football match on well-known viewership sites that are widespread in all countries. 
  • Pop up ads  : Those ads that appear to you about your visits to any site, there are some sites that sell these ads to marketers
  • Push Notification  : A lot of sites ask you to subscribe to their alerts list, whether on the desktop or on the phone, many of these sites sell their subscriber lists that are exploited by marketers

These ads have occupied a great position in the recent period, and a good number of specialized networks have appeared in most of the niche

  • Facebook ads  : They may be a little difficult, but they are the best ads, but you must take into account the terms of Facebook, especially in the field of health and weight loss.
  • YouTube ads:  more than great ads, especially if you rely on professional landing pages
  • Native ads:  There are many ad networks that are trying to compete with google ads that provide more than enough solutions and targeting that are suitable for CPA, such as the giant network (Taboola)
  • Bing ads:  A good and fairly cheap source for bing ads 

Paid traffic is a big sea, but it is worth every minute you learn about it, as it will make you real profits from CPA Affiliate Marketing.
We will, God willing, publish comprehensive guides on each of these sources, and the start will be with Facebook ads … But this is after you tell us that you “  want complete evidence about paid traffic  ” in the comments … The more comments, the faster we publish the information.
In these guides, you will not only get to know the source of the traffic itself and the types of offers that suit it, but you will also learn how to make a successful advertisement in terms of design and writing … so that you achieve the best profits.

Reliance on Content Locker

Now you might think that earning from CPA is more difficult than you thought, you need to do a lot of steps to start earning:

  • Choose a profitable niche
  • Choose the best offers
  • Searching for the best traffic sources
  • Preparing the traffic to implement the presentation

Here is the importance of Content Locker, which makes you avoid all these steps … I think you have gone through it before, but let me explain it to you.
Did you not try once to get a crack or password, or watch a movie and find that you can only get what you want after you complete a certain offer, like the one in the following picture.
This is the Content Locker, you size the content for the person who wants it, and he will not get it until after he completes the CPA offer. As you note in the previous example, there are 5 affiliate offers.
What is also distinguished in this method is that the offers are changed automatically to suit the country of traffic, and the device used (desktop – phone).
This method is very easy, it may not be as profitable as the previous steps, but it is suitable for beginners, and it will also make you achieve the first thousand dollars from the CPA world as soon as possible.
So what is required of you in this method is to provide content that people badly need, which makes them do anything to obtain it, and if you complete the guide to its end, you will find a great way to make you get this content.

The dark side in the CPA field 

Before you complete the guide, I want to tell you about several things that you should keep in mind … so that I can be honest with you.
The best niche, the 
best niche, in fact is not games … it is dating, followed by gambling … This is because those interested in these fields are considered as addicts.
And as I told you before, working in these areas in particular is mostly forbidden, if not all … This is because of the same types of performances that do not suit us as Muslims and even with the culture of non-Muslims from the Arabs.
is the second reason is deception, many of those who promote some of these offers lie to people … For example, you say to the visitor, click here to get something for free … and you know that you will not give him anything for free … You just want him to complete the offer at any cost.
Unfortunately, a lot of marketers rely on these two things to profit from CPA, As Yassin says, “This is the dirty face of CPA”.
This does not mean that you cannot win in a legitimate and ethical way, after you avoid the offers that we have mentioned, you have to be honest with the visitors themselves.
For example, you can put on the landing page itself the word Read more, which if clicking on it the visitor will know the rest of the offer details, and that he may not win the free account.
As telecommunications companies do with their ads, they say you subscribe to the rest X and get 100 free minutes, and then you say ”  terms and conditions apply  .”
Then you discover that one of the conditions is that you use these minutes on the same day, for example, or that the number is not 100 minutes each time. This way, the telecom companies avoid any problems … and you should do the same.
Or, you can say on the landing page while you are promoting the offer, “Get a chance to win a free account” – “Get a chance to win a free account” or free money or anything else … The important thing is not to lie to the visitor.
Then you actually give some of those who register on the offer the free account or thing you promised them from your earnings, thus avoiding any suspicions.
We had to remind you of this so that you have a clear and complete picture, so that you do not exploit the information that we will give you the wrong way, and that you are responsible for what you do.

How do you make your first $ 1,000 with CPA? 

Remember I told you that there is a method the marketer’s team can rely on to profit from CPA, that makes you profit as fast as possible?
The matter is very simple, we rely on Content Locker in a very smart way, and we also rely on landing pages that we designed after many A / B tests, which achieve a very high conversion rate.

And it’s not just us who get paid this way, look at the earnings of the people we’ve shared this info with below!

Now you can apply the information you learned in this guide on your own … and it is more than enough to make yourself profit in the CPA field.
Or be  one of the affiliate marketers and start making your first $ 1000 CPA as quickly as possible . All you have to do is register for our free CPA course?
This course is the first step towards achieving the profits you want, and Yassin will explain to you everything you need with examples … and you will also get some of our landing pages for free after applying the steps that Yassin will mention to you.
We wish you good luck, and if you have any question please do not hesitate to leave it for us in the comments, or write to us on our Instagram account, we are very active there.
By the way:  Find out how we made more than $ 10,000 in less than a month through Netflix from here  (you will be shocked by what is in this article).
Written by:  Mohamed Nour – Member of the Marketer site

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