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The latest news about Apple Glass smart glasses :


Apple glass smart glasses are one of the most important innovations that are waiting for fans of the Apple brand, as well as those who follow technology in general, and although reports have been talking about these glasses for a while, we are still far from seeing them in the market.

The news about it is still continuing until now.

According to the latest news coming from Bloomberg, Apple is still developing its virtual reality glasses Apple Glass under the codename N301, but the company is facing real difficulties in this regard, according to Bloomberg sources, the Covid 19 crisis affected the pace of development for this device, but It will also affect other things, such as the date of launching this device in the market, which will not be before next year 2022, in addition to that it will be produced in small numbers at the beginning.

And Bloomberg’s sources indicate that the matter is related to virtual reality glasses that are similar in functionality to what the competing companies provide, but its price may be relatively high, as it may reach $ 900, as for the advantages, it is expected that the Apple Glass glasses will come with two screens integrated into the glasses very accurately.

High, in addition to an advanced generation of processors that are newer than the Apple M1 processor, which means more energy in data processors, which calls for a fan for cooling.

And the Apple Insider site, which specializes in Apple issues, revealed at the end of last year a new and very distinctive feature that will be integrated into the expected Apple Glass smart glasses, and it is related to the “night vision” feature, based on the “lidar” technology, which is the sensor technology.

The distance is visible using light pulses, in order to determine the range by light or laser, a feature that has become supported by the way in my new iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.

Also, Apple has developed a new patent revealing the incorporation of the Lidar feature in the new Apple Glass glasses, and it will be named “Head-Mounted Display With Low Light Operation” according to the patent, which is a combination of lidar and radar and will be used for Apple glasses. Smart by identifying the environment surrounding the user in dark or low-light and repainting them.

While Bloomberg indicated that Apple is developing a more advanced version of Apple Glass with the code number N421.

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