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The march of “Zeroual” .. Bloggers celebrate the second anniversary of the “unknown march”

Two years ago, on September 18, 2016, Morocco was known as one of the strangest “popular marches” in its history. Dozens of citizens marched to Mohammed VI Street in downtown Casablanca to take part in a march against the country’s “brotherhoods” , The security agent gently, and called it “march Ould Zeroual”.

Activists on social networking sites on Tuesday marked the second anniversary of the “Ould Zeroual march”, where they raised the question of “who stands behind the march of Ould Zeroual,” linking bloggers to the march, called Ould Zeroual, following a woman’s statement. : “Born Zeroual is Lee Japni .. God gives up Lena Ould Zeroual .. Zeroual Kishri born Lea Alholi ..”, and among many forums, which are still Moroccans are attracted to, and employed, without being associated with them.

The march of Zeroual’s birth, which everyone shook hands with, began to coordinate for weeks before it was organized openly through the social networking sites, and evaded by everyone who mobilized it. It became a march for a woman, a march without identity.

While the “march of Ould Zeroual” was intended to be a march against the Islamists, who were led by the government headed by Abd al-Ilah Ben Kairan, they grabbed the lenses of journalists who were getting the truth from the mouths of the participants in the march. Protesters said they were protesting “to get Kairan out of the desert,” and the other “went to the presenter but Rah Maarfsh Aalash Ja.”

“Ould Zeroual” praised the leader of the PAM, Bouchaib Ammar, the famous team in the Sidi Bennour region, who in turn denied having anything to do with the march of Casablanca and the mobilization of citizens to participate in it, or the lady, who appeared in the video , Says she participated in the march in response to Ould Zeroual’s call.

And the “march of the son of Zeroual” was a gift on a plate of gold to the Justice and Development Party, after it was originally directed against him, as the magic turned on the magician, and the parties, the first of the original and contemporary, the first electoral opponent of the time, “Albajidi” to issue public statements , In which she renounced the ill-fated march, and the then Minister of the Interior, Muhammad Hassad, was acquitted of the responsibility to license it.

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