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The price of the virtual “Bitcoin” currency for the first time exceeded the $ 40,000 threshold


The exchange rate of the virtual “Bitcoin” currency, today, Thursday, for the first time exceeded the threshold of 40 thousand dollars, to rise by ten thousand dollars within five days.

The price of “Bitcoin” reached $ 40,380 around 18.20 GMT, recording a rise of 10.4 percent during the trading session.

This virtual currency, which records random fluctuations in its value, for the first time crossed the $ 30,000 threshold on Saturday.

Since its launch in 2008 by unknown persons, Bitcoin offers itself an alternative to traditional currencies without central bank controls and is issued by a decentralized network.

This currency has witnessed a sharp rise since last March, when its price reached five thousand dollars, after the “PayPal” online payment platform announced that account holders would be allowed to use the cryptocurrency

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