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Recently, a new and strong competitor to Google ads has appeared, which is advertising on the BingAds platform, and although advertising on the Google and Facebook platform is still reaping its benefits, advertising on BingAds has become preferred by many people because it is considered one of the most important methods of promotion at the time. The current one and because of its many advantages, we will address it in this article, and as we have previously explained the comprehensive guide to creating an advertisement on Google Ads, you can view the article through  this link,  after this article you will be able to create and manage a complete advertising campaign on BingAds with the correct targeting.

What are Bing Ads?

Bing Ads is a subsidiary of the Bing search engine,   which is rich in definition, which is considered a product of Microsoft, and in fact, Bing search engine was not the only engine launched by Microsoft.

In 1998 Microsoft created a search engine called MSN Search, then in 2006 the latter was developed into Windows Live Search, after which the Live Search engine was launched in 2007, and finally Microsoft created a Bing engine in 2009 and at the beginning of the launch of this engine there was It has about 7% of internet users worldwide and about 20% of internet users in the United States.

What are the advantages of advertising in Bing Ads?

  • The number of searches per month in Bing is more than 17 billion searches per month.
  • The click rates for Bing Ads are much lower than their Google Ads peers. 
  • Support for many search engines managed by Bing such as Yahoo, MSN and AOL
  • The ability to retrieve an ad campaign from Google Ads easily and apply it in Bing Ads.
  • Easy access to all the campaign settings from one place.
  • From time to time, many coupons for Bing ads are announced, which are worth $ 100, and we will learn in the article later how to obtain them.
  • Most of BingAds ‘audience is more than 25 years old, and more than half of BingAds’ users are 35 years old, and this has a great impact on the success of the ad campaign.
  • Most Bing Engine users cannot be reached through Google Ads, and Bing Ads allows advertisers to choose the audience whose income is not less than $ 100,000 annually.
  • Good identification and making the advertisement relevant to what the user is searching for in order to obtain the highest traffic.
  • The ability to determine the ad position by price per click.

How to register for Bing Ads:

In the beginning, you will create an account at Microsoft through  this link  because, as we mentioned earlier, the ping engine is affiliated with this company.

After creating the account, you will only go to the BingAds page through  this link  and log in with the account that you created in Microsoft Corporation, then the following interface will appear for you. You will write the required as clearly:

After completing the required information, you will be directed to the page for creating an ad campaign, and on this page you are asked to choose whether you want to copy an existing campaign on Google Ads or you want to create a new campaign, and this is of course what we mentioned in the features of ads on Bing Ads, if you do not have campaigns A precedent for Google Ads and you want to create a new campaign on Bing Ads. You will choose Create a new campaign:

Here, an interface will appear that asks you to choose the goal of your advertising campaign, and here you will find a set of options, including bringing visits to your site, receiving phone calls from customers, or sending customers to your workplace, and this is very useful with electronic stores, and here you will often choose the first option, which is to bring visits to your site because since you are You entered the marketer’s website, you want to promote offers or products, not stores, and in the end you can choose what you want:

After that, an interface will appear for you asking you for some information about the ad campaign, the first of which is the Campaign name or the name of your campaign, and you can put any name you want here:

As for the second box, it is choosing the budget for your advertising campaign per day, and it is available by default at $ 25 per day, but of course you can change that according to your capabilities:

And the third box asks for Location or location to show the campaign, and here you can choose the United States of America or any country or choose specific countries or all countries according to the target country in your advertisement:

The fourth box is determining who can see your ad, and here it gives you several options, which is the target country or who searches for this ad, and here it is preferable to choose the two because it contributes to the success of the campaign:

Finally, the language of the sites on which your ad campaign will appear, here you choose the language according to the country you have chosen and according to the targeting, and this is one of the important things in the advertising campaign:

We are now heading to the most important stage, which is creating an ad and targeting keywords, and this is the most important stage in the advertising campaign, and here you will be asked for a set of data, the first of which is to enter your website link and if you do not have a site you will click on My website is not ready and in the second box you will write a name for your ad group After that, you will write the keywords that target your advertising campaign, and for reference, on the same page there is a default keyword search tool that you can use, but it is not very accurate:

Here, you must be accurate and smart in determining the keywords and can use the semrush site   that was previously explained on the site. You can access its explanation through  the following link,  which is used to spy on competitors in the sense that you know the advertising campaigns that have succeeded in your same field and take sufficient information about them and within them Keywords and then somewhat mimicking them:

After completing the previous steps, we will move to a new phase, which is adding the ad in detail and defining its features. So what you have to do here is click on create ad to add your ad and adjust its final settings:

After that, you will see this interface, which is the most important thing in the campaign because this is what will appear to others, and you will write the following:

Final URL 1. You  will put the final link to the page you want the visits to.
2. Title part 1 You  will write the main title or, for example, the name of the site for which you want to get visits, for example.
3. Title part 2 You  will write the subtitle.
4. Title part 3  If you want to add another subtitle, you can use this box.
5. Path  in which you can put the main keyword in your advertising campaign, for example profit, marketing….
6. Ad text 1  Here you write a comprehensive description and at the same time a brief summary describing the main aspects of the site or of the thing you are promoting.
After you finish, click on save, and if you want to create another ad unit, you can choose save and create another.
After completing all the previous steps, your ad is now ready and all you have to do now is to move to the last step, which is the payment. Here you must be careful not to waste your money in vain, after moving to the payment step, you will find the following picture:

1. campaign budget  In this box you will choose the maximum amount you can invest per day and pay per click.
2. Bid strategy is  intended to define a payment strategy and here it will choose CPC so that it supports pay-per-click, not just watching.
3. ad group bid  This is one of the important things that should be a fire in its use and is intended to choose the price for one click, which is by default at $ 1 and this is very expensive so you will choose $ 0.05 and this is the least thing and it is considered a good price, but the more you increase the price Click Now your ad appears in the first result of the search, but do not select more than $ 0.10 so that you do not lose your ad campaign.

After the previous step is over, you have now successfully completed all the settings for the ad campaign and we have targeted the correct one and do not worry if there is something that you want to amend again in the ad campaign, this will be easy and I will tell you that shortly, there remains one step now for the ad to be reviewed and the ad campaign started, which is Add a payment method, and usually when you initially create the account on BingAds, you will be asked to enter the payment information, but we left this for the end for a set of reasons. I will tell you the following:

All you have to do is click on Add a payment method now as it appears in the previous image, and then you will be given the choice between a group of different payment methods, which is either by adding your visa card or by the Paypal account or by adding a bank account, As shown in the previous picture.
For example, if you want to add a card, you will choose an add card, after that you write some of your information such as your country, address in detail, and postal number, and the site will be activated and the card will be added normally, and the advertising campaign will start several hours after you add the card because all data is reviewed before the campaign begins, but complete the article to the end Because I’m going to show you how to get $ 100 coupons:

While if you want to add your PayPal account, you will choose add PayPal and then you will write the PayPal data from the mail and the password and congratulations on you for the advertising nipple.

Enter keywords:

What is meant by keyword matching in the Bing engine is known as Keyword Match Type, and it is divided into three types:
Phrase match
This type is often used a lot because it always reaches the ultimate goal of the advertising campaign, and it is intended that the keywords are written between quotation marks like this example “Marketer site” and therefore if someone wrote “Marketer site” in the Bing engine, your ad will appear to him while if “Website Marketer” wrote that the advertisement will never appear because this type is not useful in switching, but what is distinctive in it is that if the researcher reduces a letter, for example, “Site Marketer”, the advertisement will appear for him, and if he adds words, the advertisement will also appear for him “The Marketer’s Website No. Kind of keywords.
Modified broad match
This type of keyword is also used because it enables you to focus and fully control the keywords, and this type is used by placing a + sign before the keyword to be compatible with searches, for example if we write (+ e-marketing + profit from the Internet) This means that if a person searches for e-marketing and, for example, writes e-marketing on Facebook, your ad will appear to him as well.
Exact Match
This is the natural type in which no quotation marks or anything are used, for example we write e-marketing and this means that spelling errors are allowed, for example if someone writes any synonymous word such as profit from marketing, your ad will appear and this leads to a loss in the budget without interest because it brings Not targeted clicks.

How to monitor competitors for ad campaign ideas:

We previously mentioned semrush and now we will go to explain the SpyFu tool,   which is considered one of the best and most powerful tools for SEO optimization, competitor monitoring and site analysis. Among the advantages of this tool:

  • Very simplified reporting and comprehensive visions.
  • Easy access to all keywords and all site PPC histories.
  • Clarify the competition for keywords and ads.
  • Provide a large number of work tools.
  • It is highly preferred to do a full research on competitors.

For the use of this tool, you only have to go to its own site and then put a link to the site that you want to spy on. For example, we will put a link to the zappos site, which is  indispensable  :

As you can see in the previous picture without doing anything, all the information about the site has appeared, and now to access the keywords you will click on keywords and you will see the words used by this site and all the details about each keyword:

As we mentioned earlier, this tool is not only used to access keywords, but there are many tools that you can spy on the competing site, and of course what matters to us in this article is access to the keywords only.

Other ways to generate keywords:

As we said at the beginning that we will be using semrush to spy on competitors, there are other ways to get keywords like   the free and well-known keyword tool :

You can also use the tool to explore keywords for Bing ads and access them by clicking on tools at the top of the homepage and then selecting Research Keywords

After that, a group of cells will appear. You will go to the Keywords field and type in the keywords that you want to bring in synonyms, and then click search. Finally, you will find all the keywords you want with all sufficient information about them such as click price and the level of competition between medium, weak and high. If you want to copy them You can all choose the export.

Here is my advice to you to be smart and not rely on one tool. For example, we have explained many tools now, so what you only have to do is combine them all and compare them. I also recommend reading the Google Ads ads article because we have talked extensively about the methods of choosing keywords and you can view it through  this Link  As we have explained a bunch of things in this article that can only be applied to Bing as well.

How to get $ 100 coupons:

We have now reached a step that everyone is waiting for, which is the way to obtain the free coupon. Microsoft always offers many coupons for Bing ads, but this currently requires a set of conditions:

  • To be a new user to BingAds.
  • It has not been 40 days since you created an account on the platform.

In the past, once you create an account on Bing, you will be given a coupon worth $ 100 if you spend $ 25, and thanks to God, this still works, but as I said with new accounts only, and if no coupon is presented when you create the account and add the payment method, you only need to go to  this link, you  will Log in with your account that you created previously, and then you will get a $ 100 coupon provided you spend $ 25 and this is good for any advertiser, this means that you can create an ad campaign worth $ 125 while paying only $ 25:

You can also use the seobook site,   which offers many ways to get coupons for Bing ads and Google Ads ads, in fact it does not offer this according to you, but it has many other topics related to marketing and a lot of topics about new and distinctive tools for choosing keywords.
It is also worth noting this wonderful site called  webtechcoupons,  which offers a very large number of coupons for Bing ads with mentioning their conditions, and this site I set up because it offers coupons permanently. When the coupon expires, what other coupon is launched. Dollar because he is the one who works now, but I mentioned the sites and the map that you will walk on to access those coupons, and we can update the article from time to time to mention the new coupons.

How to follow campaign reports:

After we have finished the ad nipple, applied the coupon and added the payment method and all the things that we explained previously, we now move to the last step, which is to follow up the campaign and watch the reports. Because the campaign may not be successful for some reason, so you will start with investing little money and then follow up on the campaign reports and see what happens. If the campaign succeeds, you will copy and repeat it more than once.
On the home page of your account, you will find all the advertising campaigns that you have done, you will choose the campaign that we created together or any campaign you want, and then an interface will appear for you as follows:

This interface, as you can see, has a built-in indicator with dates, and each day contains the extent of the campaign’s success or failure. On the other hand, you will find this table at the bottom that contains the names of the advertising campaigns and details about them, including what we have previously entered such as value for click information and the daily budget. What we care about is choosing Clicks. Clicks this ad fetched:

One of the very beautiful things about Bing ads is the ease of access to collect information about any campaign we have carried out through our account, while in Google Ads the matter is different.

last word:

In the end, dear reader, after we explained everything about this topic and at length, I advise you only to take advantage of the Bing Ads ads and the advantages it offers because it is very expected that it will become more popular because as we said, there are many things that distinguish it from Google Ads, so the more you listen to someone from the pioneers of social media and YouTube I found it stressing the importance of advertising, especially if you are promoting CPA offers.
Because most of the offers of the latter are directed towards people in the United States of America and to this day, most of the users of the Bing search engine are from the United States, France, Canada and Australia and this in my view is considered a very big treasure, and finally if you face any problem or have any questions or something other than Clear, all of us at the marketer site are ready to help you. Just write that in a comment and we will respond to you, and good luck to everyone.
If you have any questions or concerns about this topic, you can leave it for us in the comments!
Good luck to you!
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