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TikTok makes new changes to counter criticism :


Although the application of TikTok has faced many difficulties in the past period, especially after threats to ban it in the United States of America due to the tense relations between the American authorities and Chinese technology companies, in addition to the application being banned in India, the second largest market in the world, TikTok faces criticism at the level of Privacy like other companies in the digital world.

The TikTok application faces accusations of not respecting the privacy of users, especially adolescents and children, due to the large spread of the Chinese video application in all circles, and this is what prompted the company to make a set of changes at the level of privacy and usage policy for teenage and underage users to avoid criticism and perhaps Legal prosecutions.

And among the most important changes made by TikTok is that application users between the ages of 13 and 15 will have to create private accounts, and users who want to subscribe will have to send a request before approval by the account owners, which will enable them From accessing the content as well as commenting on it and interacting with it.

These variables are also added to other rules that were previously adopted that prevent users under 16 years of age from accessing private messages, as well as their inability to access the live broadcast feature on their accounts.

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