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Tools that will help you create your first professional website for free


Statistics indicate that the number of Internet users grew to reach 4.33 billion active users in the year 2019, which represents almost half of the world’s population, which confirms at the same time the importance of having a website today for your simple website, whether for your own small project, or simply for your own small business. It expresses you and presents your idea to others of the reason for attracting visitors and converting them later into customers who buy from your service, and whatever these reasons have prompted you to search for a suitable way to create a website that supports it, you need to create an interactive, high-quality website. The dimensions and angles of the screen, whether it is for a mobile phone or a desktop device, and as is known, creating a website from scratch requires you to acquire some design and programming skills, and the idea of ​​hiring a professional designer or web developer to create the site is a difficult proposition in itself, but In this post, we will share with you some tools that will help you create your web page for free and professionally.


A simple and unknown tool for building your own website for free, designed to create page links within minutes even without acquiring design and programming skills as we mentioned previously, the tool provides web templates ready to be customized to your liking, in addition to that, you can with the widgets Available on page perform simple drag and drop movements to generate the aesthetic of your site.


The tool also includes free domain link options with hosting equal to 1 GB of storage, in addition to some tools to enhance your website’s visibility through search engines.


After creating and activating your website, the next step is to market your site, and this can be achieved with the help of the SEO tools included in the Boxmode tool above, whose mission is to help your website’s link appear through powerful search engines such as Google and Microsoft Bing. From that, you will need to diversify your marketing efforts by using the service of other marketing tools.


HubSpot offers a set of exemplary marketing services, including an excellent customer management system (CRM) and an email marketing tool, which is the appropriate technology to reach potential customers where according to reports, Emails marketing is an unparalleled advertising method in terms of targeting power, It also delivers a very positive Return on Investment (ROI).

Google Analytics

The steps for building a professional website made us include the famous Google Analytics service in the list, which is a service that helps understand how to act with the traffic on your site, by analyzing click rates, impressions and bounce rates on the site, you can better understand the places that customers travel On your site, you can also see which places to avoid, which will allow you to identify weaknesses on your site.


Through this knowledge that you gained while analyzing your site’s operations, you can modify the content and other additional features on your site in order to persuade customers to continue browsing, in a way that helps them fully understand your customer and adapt your site to meet his needs.

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