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Wagner is infiltrating Israeli radio … The Syrian Ministry of Culture is in the trap of normalization … and Carter wants a chance for peace for Bashar Assad Rashed Issa

We do not know until now how it fell to Richard Wagner (1913 – 1883) to broadcast on Israeli public radio, before the latter apologized, considering that it was a clip of the Crepuscule de Dieu that it was “wrong.”
Wagner, the genius of German music, is still, because of his anti-Semitism, banned to this day by the Israelis, but without written instructions and does not seem to require a written law, as long as there is a generation of survivors of the Holocaust can be assured that the extremism towards Wagner At the same time, Yossi Beilin once said, feeling that when that generation disappears, another generation will listen to Wagner. It seems that Beilin’s misfortune is that music at the time will push a glimmer of hope into less savagery.
Wagner was not an ordinary enemy of the Jews. In times of hostility, he was an avid reader of hatred and ostracism, although he was always surrounded by Jews, and did not alleviate his glaucoma. He did not prevent him from publishing “Judaism in Music” But his genius can not be ignored. It is hard to ignore the fact that “his contributions radically changed the course of Western music” and that his innovations in theater have a great impact on the history of this art.
Once, the director of Israeli orchestra music said: “Sooner or later this should happen (to play Wagner music). Not playing Wagner music is like playing a pianist for Chopin. It must be part of their professional education. ” Indeed, what if we were anti-Semitic, but discovered physical laws, do Israelis stop building on those laws?
The sound of Wagner’s music in an Israeli radio can not come as a coincidence. It is an expression of some shake-up in Israeli society’s convictions, but that “vibration” is again an apology. Until the generation of the Holocaust continues its victories.

The Syrian Media

The Syrian news channel adds to its heavy burden of what can be described as the media of the massacre, an interview with Lebanese Salim Zahran, in which he says that three and a half million refugees are likely, according to a Russian plan, to return within a year and a half. , And “you will raise my son, mother and child.” He therefore proposes to reinvigorate Al-Tala’i and Al-Shabiba organizations to re-educate the nascent Syrian generation.
“I advise the news to make a documentary about the recycling of waste and the gunmen,” he said, referring to the tremor of the announcer’s head, which ends with the word “true”. Assembly and sorting, and then milling. There is a bitador part, and a nomadic part is submerged in what God is not. The last stage in Idlib There are tens if not hundreds of thousands, you need to weigh them, besiege them, blow each other in society, money, fighting, and then with my second stage, the milling phase.
This is the mind that governs the country, where the only agenda of the system is grinding, and this has always been his proposal, at the point of weakness as at the height of his power.
The most serious of Zahran’s interview is that the theory of grinding comes on the official television system, that is, it completely reflects its policy, which is not just uncontrolled YouTube, if there really are things outside control and control under the roof of the system. Grinding can not be the policy of an official institution representing the state. This language (grinding, recycling and landfill) can only come from a bloody and savage intelligence branch bearing the name of the mill. It was famous for the outbreak of the revolution in the country.
Grinding in Idlib, and in the areas of the safe system re-education of the weapons of the Baath and his youth. They are aspects of the process itself. The TV system is only a part of the mill, only a “mill”.

Opportunity for peace

In his recent interview with CNN, former US President Jimmy Carter almost summed up the international community’s position on the Syrian situation. “The first thing to do is to end the war. This will stop the explosive barrels. It also means ending the use of chemical weapons against innocents if the war ends,” he said. “Then we can deal with the crimes that have already been committed,” he said.
Carter’s strategy is to “end the violence and then work with the current president, Bashar al-Assad. He needs the chance of peace first and foremost, and if we do, we can settle the issue of his crimes later.” We must work through the United Nations and other powers to determine how Dealing with the current president of Syria ».
Carter talks about drums and chemical weapons as a war of fate, and it is not Bashar Assad himself who threw them at people and cities, and he did not say exactly because of his people’s desire to “settle the issue of his crimes”. We burn the country ».
Does the US president hear what the Syrian regime is preparing for the supposed refugees? Mills, recycling and others?

From Haifa to Damascus

The Palestinian Campaign for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel condemned the revival of Jordanian artist of Palestinian origin Adham Nabulsi «a normal ceremony in the Palace of conferences in Haifa, ignoring all the appeals of Jordanian and Palestinian calling for not dealing with the embassy of the occupation». “This participation is normal, regardless of intentions,” the campaign statement said.
Only days after Nabulsi’s concert in Haifa, the artist held a concert in Damascus at the “Damar Cultural Complex” of Dar Al Assad for Culture and Arts, one of the institutions of the Ministry of Culture.
The Syrian ministry explained in a statement that the approval of the artist’s concert came four months ago, and that “it was not aware of his concerts in Haifa and Ramallah.” It does not seem that the four days between the Haifa and Damascus celebrations were enough to take the ministry to the notice (as it does not appear that any of the boycotters gave a hand to the Nabulsi concert in Damascus), indicating that «does not have the ability to know everything that is new in the life of the artist, Syrian theaters ».
According to the news agency «SANA», the statement of the ministry stressed that «the General Authority of Dar Al-Assad presented only the theater and has nothing to do with the introduction of the Nabulsi artist and the organization of the ceremony in Damascus», which means that «Dar Al Assad for Culture and Arts» works only as a wedding hall can be rented!
Palestinian-Syrian writer

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