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Why should you disable the face recognition technology enabled by default on your Facebook account and protect yourself!

Facebook has a feature that allows distinguishing users who appear in the photos and videos shared by their contacts on the platform, and this procedure helps to identify you by analyzing the photos and videos that it thinks you are on Facebook, such as profile pictures and videos Which you have been mentioned in, noting that when you turn on the facial recognition setting, a template is created from Facebook servers that is used to compare it with pictures, videos, and other places where the camera is used, such as the live broadcast video, to know whether you are appearing in that content or not, and it helps This procedure also enables Facebook to inform you of cases in which it is likely to appear in the photos or videos, but you are not referred to, and therefore you can review this post and make the appropriate decision regarding it, the feature is very useful as it helps to protect you and others from impersonation And misuse of your identity, whereAlerts are sent every time it is detected that your picture has been set as the private picture for a “fake” user’s profile, and thus review the image and report it in the event of your impersonation, and the feature also provides clear assistance to people with visual impairments by informing people in the picture or video. Etc., however, if you are concerned about your privacy and do not want any of your contacts to tag you in their photo or video clip, and you also do not want them to recognize you when in their photos for strangers, you can disable the face recognition option. Easily, as the feature requires the user’s approval for Facebook to keep face templates, which means that they are optional and can be stopped at any time to protect your privacy, knowing that they are not supported in Canada and the European Union because they are known as the laws of these regions. very.

Disable Facebook’s facial recognition technology:

The step to disable Facebook’s facial recognition feature is simple and you do not need to install any third-party applications on your device, just follow the following steps:

First, go to Settings, then the “Face Recognition” option.


Then you will find the option enabled by default as in the picture


If you want to disable the facial recognition technology, you select the “No” option and then save the settings


After performing the previous simple steps, the feature will officially not be part of your experience in using Facebook, knowing that in accounts of minors, it is not necessary to deactivate the facial recognition function as the option is only available for those over the age of 18 years.


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