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Fake Michaela Rivalry with Kardashian … Will Artificial Intelligence Become Social Influencer?

It seems that the field of fashion is not restricted to the human being anymore, as Michaela Souza, one of the virtual characters using artificial intelligence, has stormed the field and achieved widespread success in recent years.
Michaela, 19, who was named one of the most influential people on the Internet, according to TIME magazine, is a product of the Los Angeles-based technology company Brud, which has programmed it to match the level of natural human consciousness.
Miquela’s work does not stop in the field of fashion and fashion, as she works in the field of advertisements and practices her hobby in singing, having released more than 10 songs, since her appearance in 2016.
In December 2018, Michaela’s owner company announced that it had raised $ 6 million in investments in its first round, due to the great success it had achieved in just two years on social media. Miquela has a following of 2.8 million users on Instagram, more than 1.1 million followers on Facebook, and nearly 249,000 subscribers to her official YouTube channel, and she recently announced her joining the Snapchat application.

Fake celebrities

Broad is betting on the possibility of transforming a large group of social media characters based on CGI technology, the technology of creating a group of characters from Marvel Comics, and transforming another part of real characters such as family Kardashian into comic book characters, so that they can evolve with the times without getting old, and their channels can be managed.
“You can create a Kardashian family without any of the inherent problems that come with being a human,” said Sian Bannister, a partner at the Founders Fund, who put $ 100,000 into the initial Broadcast tour in 2017.


These industry personalities have become highly sought-after brand ambassadors, and Miquela, sometimes called Lil Michael, is a test of the power of celebrities in social media, as they challenge the latest trends in digital marketing, with advertisers and influencers saying that users demand “authentic” content instead. From excessively glossy.
Investors believe that social media could become a vehicle for creating characters with all kinds of influence and personal histories, as comic books have done.
From here, these characters can get product or movie deals or host their own Netflix shows, said Cara Nortman, partner at Upfront Ventures, based in Los Angeles.
Broad wants to create a group of characters, some of which are on different social media platforms, with many intertwining story lines in the context of the Marvel universe itself.
Adam Wescott, partner at Select Management Group, a talent management company, believes that the impact of CGI technology on the world of celebrities and talent may be significant in the future. “I think the success of digital talent lies in their participation and originality,” he said. How authentic can you be if, in the end, you are not a real person?

The term CGI is often used to refer to the 3D computer graphics used to create scenes or effects for film and television.
The technology is used in animation by means of various programs to create two-dimensional or three-dimensional animation clips and visual effects, and they are created and animated using special tools in this field such as “3D max” or “Maya” or “Cinema Four.” Cinema 4d or After Effects.

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