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WordPress Tutorial 1: Introduction

Hello. Thank you for the tutorial. It’s clear and informative ( I love how you explain how things work in WP )  straight to the point and easy to follow. The image is clear and your voice easy to understand. thumb up to you. Honestly I have been around looking for tuts on this topic and I wasn’t satisfied with them. Yours is clearly the best by far. You are a natural born teacher so keep up the good work. I’ll be following what other tutorials you’ll be making in the future. Congrats

I’m looking for a web-based content management system that doesn’t treat the contributors as second-class citizens. I want the contributor features to be styled just as well as the people viewing the content. This seems like a major drawback to all the CMS systems I’ve looked at. They are still mostly following the “old media” model. Doesn’t that seam reasonable in an age where the sites are about the conversation?

I want the “back-end” to be user friendly and in alignment with the design for the whole site. So I want the whole thing to be easily customizable..

Anybody got any ideas about that?

I have never worked with an application so convoluted, complex, illogical,hyper user unfriendly and downright awkward as wordpress. It’s a total disaster that has caused me endless nights of frustration with next to no usable results of any use to me, or results that I could use. It is 100% unsatisfactory with limitations in just about anything one tries to do with it. The creators of this seem to have been, and still seem to be, in permanent chaos. I can’t stand wordpress and cannot see why anyone would want to use it.

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