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World of Hackers Comprehensive Guide to Learning Hack Methods

Hacking or hacking, it has many forms and types, so we thought to offer you today the best topics related to this area, hoping that you like it, God willing 🙂

Hack and Linux:
Hack and linuxal hack and linux

more info from here  

– Linux operating system has a strong relationship with the field of hacking, so we will put at your disposal these links useful and contain valuable information about this system.

– If you would like to take a general idea of ​​operating systems click on these links:

What are the components of the operating system?
The operating system defines its components and how it works and programming.
Setup Windows 8 Operating System Step by Step.
The 4 most popular operating systems in the world.
Phone operating system.
– If you do not have a prior knowledge of Linux, just take a look at it on these links:

Linus Torvalds Software Engineer and Linux System Developer.
GNU project and its relationship with Linux.
Linux kernel and Linux distribution.
– If you are a Windows user and you want to compare it to Linux, here are these two wonderful posts:

Advantages of Linux operating system.
Real pirates »» »We prefer to use Linux on Windows and Mac.
– Now understand what is Linux and want to deepen it more and mastery of dealing with it, here we offer this link to bear:

Best Linux command line book.
An important set of Linux operating system commands.
Terminal Simulator in Linux system.
– You have learned enough about this system and you want to choose the distribution that is in line with your orientations Informative This post:

Review of best Linux distributions + download links directly.
Lighter linux distribution at all.
Lighten linux distribution for weak computers.
Best Linux distro for beginners.
Best Linux distributions for programmers.
– If you plan to proceed with hacking, we advise you to choose this distribution:

Kali Linux System! .
Or choose one of these distributions in these links:

Best linux distributions for hacking.
Best linux distribution for hacking.
Cali Net Hunter – KALI NETHUNTER
The best operating systems used by hackers
Hack and Tor Browser:
Hack, browser, Tor, hack, browser, Tor
The Tor browser has been and is still closely associated with hacking. If you have access to hacking, you need to get a close look at this browser.

– Do not know anything about Tor Browser and want to take a look at it, here are these excellent posts:

Tor browser | Your entry into the hidden Internet world.
Access to the Web via the Tor Browser.
Access to the Web via Tor Browser, the whole truth.
Login to the Webdesign from vpn.
Who are the Anonymous and what is the Dark Internet?
– If you want to search the history of this browser, go to the browser of Tor and NSA »» »Control the dark Internet.

– If you like to get a close look at the hidden Internet scenes and what is happening inside, here are these valuable articles:

Internet Black – Party Thread to a Terrible World.
Data in the dark internet.
Money laundering in the dark Internet.
Currency Trading and Money Laundering Sites in the Dark Net.
Access the dark internet and hire a hacker.
Hack and Encryption:
Hack and encryption hacking and encryption
Coding is one of the most important IT disciplines, especially when it comes to protecting sensitive information on the Internet.

– To view this broad science and understand the mechanism of data encryption, please enter here:

Encryption »» »What are its types and what is the purpose of its use? .
Cryptographic algorithms – defined and highlighted for their use
– If you would like to view the hacker’s method of decrypting the information he has received, I recommend you read this post:

Xxx-hacker decryption attack.
Hack and Virus:
Hack and virus hacking and viruses
The main goal for which viruses are designed is to penetrate a particular information system and to make adjustments to its behavior so as to ensure that the hacker achieves its goals.

If you are interested in enriching your knowledge in this field, we suggest that you visit these links:

Ransomware Virus »The most dangerous types of malware at all.
Locky Virus Encrypt Files.
Chernobyl or CIH »Information security – the third episode.
What is the hacker’s method of controlling remote devices? .
Hack and Social Engineering:
Hack penetration and social engineering
One of the modern and effective methods used in hacking is the so-called social engineering, which is a unique method of obtaining information.

– If this technique is new to you, please follow these links to get enough information about it:

Social Engineering »Introduction – Methods – Strategies.
Body language and its impact on the individual and his personality.
Break through the minds using body language.
Facebook and its impact on our lives.
– and if you want to know how to use it in the hack process, add these special posts:

The history of social engineering and the methods followed by the attacker and exemplify them
Social engineering – methods of use in penetration.
Social engineering of penetration.
Linux operating system and social engineering.

Hack breakthroughs

– If you are looking for the methods used in hacking networks, servers and social networking sites we offer you this beautiful package of posts:

Breakthrough of Wi-Fi networks.
How to hack the router and know the username and password
How to hack Facebook account using many different methods
The best tools for hacking your account and spyware on the phone completely !!
The best tools hacking and hacking used by hackers professional !!
»What is Google role and how we use it.
Hacking sites and servers and Facebook accounts.
Breaking through YouTube channels and Facebook accounts »How and how to protect.
Please ask me about hacking porn sites »Matrix219 Youtube Channel.
How to Become a Hacker?
– We have prepared for you an interesting collection of posts on the way to access the world of hacking and professionalism, an interesting follow-up of this information 🙂:

My friend asked me about the penetration, “I told him.
Learn about the world of penetration (1).
information security | Definition and overview.
The Road to Breakthrough and Information Security – Part 1.
The Ethical Hacker Certificate CEH The right way to wear a white hat.
How to become an ethical hacker specializing in information security from scratch to professionalism?
The most famous 4 certificates in the field of penetration testing
CEH V9 in Arabic + Direct download link
Intrusion Testing – The most commonly used programming languages ​​in this field
To know all the steps taken by the hacker to penetrate the information systems, we recommend this series of lessons under the title of protection and random hack:

Some basic concepts (Part I).
Some basic concepts (Part II).
Sources of attacks and security threats.
Five stages of piracy.
Survey phase.
Examination stage.
Entry stage to the system.
The stage of maintaining and surveying activities.
Famous hackers:
Famous hackers from hacking world
– Here are some biographies of famous hackers around the world:

Know the most dangerous hackers in the world.
Kevin Mitnick: King of the Hackers.
Hamza bin Dalaj »» The smile of an Algerian hacker confused the world.
The Saudi hacker.
A Saudi hacker reveals the secrets of the hidden world of Hackers.
Finally, I recommend you watch this video so that you can choose the hacker category you want to belong to.
Enjoyable viewing for all 🙂


Hack in general is the ability to reach a particular goal of illegally through the gaps in the protection system goal, and when we talk about hack in general Venqsd so the ability of a hacker to access a person, regardless of the damage that may be caused by, When can access device Another hacker is hacker either when he delete a file or run another or bring a third is a hacker cracker.

How is hacking?
Device penetration is like any other penetration of something, has ways and bases through which the hacker intrusion on the devices of others by knowing the gaps in that system.

Often those are gaps in ports Ports of the device, and these ports can be described in the simplest form as the gates of the device on the Internet, for example, port 80 is often dedicated to the service provider to the user access to the Internet and in some times the port number, 8080.

There are several ways to hack the simplest, which can be used for beginners is the programs that depend on the system (client / server) (client / server), which contains two files, one ‘Server’ sent to the infected device in some way, and the other ‘Client’ operated by the hacker to control In the infected device and when running the ‘Server’ file by the hacker, the computer is vulnerable to the hack where a port is opened and is often port 12345 or 12346 so he can hack a program dedicated to it and do what he likes.

Other people, in addition to putting the file in your device, can do the same to you when they scan Port Portings and find your port open.

This method I mentioned is the simplest forms of hacking, there are many ways to enable hackers to penetrate you directly without sending files to the extent that the Association of hackers in America invented a way to hack very sophisticated,

For more information on this method and hack in general you can read this article fully on the Wikipedia site

more info from here 

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