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Twitter vies Instagram … you can now chat with your friends with ephemeral stories


Twitter has officially announced the launch of the (temporary tweets) feature that will disappear after a specified period of time, in an attempt to compete with the stories that are common in most messaging and other social networking applications such as Instagram.
The American technology giant began testing its new feature called Fleets – meaning fleeting – last March, and today it announced that it will be available to all users.
Twitter said in a post on its blog, “The goal of Twitter is to be a service for public conversation, as it is where you go to see what is happening and talk about it. But some of you tell us that Twitter is uncomfortable because it appears overt and permanent, and there is great pressure to collect retweet.” And likes. ” “That’s why, unfortunately, there are so many tweets that remain in the drafts!”
To help users feel more comfortable – according to Twitter – the company has worked on a way that is less pressure on users to talk about what is happening, and launched the Flets feature so that everyone can easily join the conversations in a new way, and with their fleeting thoughts.

Although Twitter – since its establishment in 2006 – has only allowed the publication of tweets, it seems that the new feature that the company was testing in Brazil only comes to diversify the user experience, and to keep pace with a feature that has become important these days, even the social network dedicated to the business sector (LinkedIn ) I started testing it before Twitter.
Similar to the stories feature in other apps, temporary Tweets will disappear 24 hours after they are posted. Twitter says the temporary tweets are designed to calm the fears of new users who do not like the general and persistent nature of regular tweets.
Twitter clarified that temporary tweets cannot be retweeted, nor can they be “liked”, but other users can reply to them, so that those responses appear as private messages on the original tweet, but not as public tweets. Note that temporary tweets do not appear in search results, but anyone can see other people’s tweets, even if they are not on the list of followers.
Twitter hopes that temporary tweets will encourage users to share many spontaneous daily thoughts, in a way more than permanent tweets that remain and do not disappear, and cannot be modified.

Source : Reuters

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