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Your Guide to Using Colors in Marketing

God created us the universe and its sea and trees and plants and gave us the ability to distinguish colors until the colors mentioned in the Koran, scientists have studied the colors and the impact on the human, and proved in the light of scientific and practical experiments: Colors affect our happiness and Kabbtna, and in our feet and reluctance, And perhaps we feel that color by heat, or cold, but perhaps the effect of color in human personality, and his view of life, each color has a secret and influence.

Colors and their effect on us:

White: A distinctive color that shows purity, serenity, cleanliness, clarity, innocence, and simplicity.
Based on data from a European and US poll, White is the color that is usually associated with good, honesty, purity, start, regeneration, neutrality, perfection and perfection.

We find that color has a strong influence in bringing calm, peace and tranquility to people.

Blue: works to control emotions and feelings, create a sense of strength and psychological and moral stability, and more importantly it is a sedative for people hypernetic nerve Experiment against aggressive children and put them in a blue classroom and observed a relative calm and decrease in aggression so you can resort to that color next to the white In cases of anger.

For example, if you are in a business meeting or during a time of study and focused a little on the color of indigo, this will help you to meditate, think and also create creativity. It helps in internal communication and enhances creative thinking.

Green: On the psychological side, it is the color of life is one of the most colors that calm the soul and the intervention of hope on the individual is always linked to the vast places and green and plants and therefore has a conservation in the memory of the human that is linked to life and turn it and is therefore useful for those suffering from depression and frustration to bring them hope.

Yellow: The yellow color is associated with the sun, it increases the feelings of joy, thought and happiness, it also raises the spirit of joy, it activates the brain and strengthens the mind, and can be used to stimulate creativity and brain drain, especially when the nervous tension

Orange: Orange, red, and yellow are very common in their moods on the individual, as orange stimulates mental activity and introduces a sense of enthusiasm for the individual, creativity and happiness. It also helps in the treatment of depression, which is a general tonic and against the feeling of depression, depression, drowsiness, oppression, despair, and all black emotions.

Red: This helps to eliminate laziness, laziness, and a constant feeling of tiredness, fatigue, and long sleeplessness. It is also a powerful stimulant, stimulates the spirit of belonging.

Violet: A tranquilizer in general and especially for neurological and psychological diseases, strengthens spirituality in the self and a sense of reassurance.

Examples of colors used by international companies:

Most large companies choose their logos according to certain calibrations and a very accurate study .. We see that most logos are in colors that fit the content of the company, and here we can not deny the importance of colors in their impact on the individual

Most Colors Used Worldwide:

Blue color: is the color of recovery and strength it stimulates calm and self-confidence and confidence.

Of the important brands that use the color of the alleys in their slogans and announcements:


And other companies ..

Red: It shows strength strengthens the spirit of belonging is a powerful sensations and excitement. Red is said to increase the sense of hunger

Important brands that use the red color in their slogans and advertisements:


Green: a color that calms the eyes and gives a soothing effect when you look at it, because of its association with the greenness of nature.

It is also a spring color, a Renaissance and renewal time. It is used in corporate logos to demonstrate the regenerative and energy of its brand. Green believed that more colors brought luck

It is widely used by environmentally friendly companies such as:


And others ..

Yellow color: stimulates energy, happiness, joy, positive and joy

This color is used to draw attention because this color attracts the beautiful energies in the soul.

Of brands that use yellow: in their slogans:


And others ..

The colors in the world of design and marketing world is full of sensory effects, most Internet users now when planning their projects carefully study how to choose colors, to attract the viewer and influence the feeling and thinking

To emphasize the importance of colors and their association with the psyche of people, a new science emerged, one of the modern branches of psychology, color psychology, and one of the first to take care of these signs is the marketing companies where they linked them to how to promote their products and draw the attention of consumers

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